Best Ways to Get Cash on the Las Vegas Strip via your ATM Debit Card

Best Ways to Get Cash on the Las Vegas Strip via your ATM Debit Card

Best Ways to Get Cash on the Las Vegas Strip via your ATM Debit Card

Las Vegas hotels are beautiful with many amenities, however even with major corporations such as Starbucks calling themselves home in many hotel casinos there are some brand names you just won’t find. Despite a free ATM on the Las Vegas Strip being a common request by tourists you won’t find major bank ATM machines such as Bank of America, Chase, or Wells Fargo ATM machines on the Las Vegas Strip.  The strip hotels have ATM machines as part of their bill breakers.

So here’s the deal:

Conserve Your Cash

Save your cash for gambling and tips. Almost everything else can be charged to your room or with a credit card.

Stop at an ATM Before You Arrive

Stop at one of your bank’s ATMs and get what you need. Note: your account may have a limit of anywhere from $400 to $3,000 a day – talk to your bank at least a week before you try to withdraw in case they need some few day waiting period to increase limits.

Get Cash from a Bank Before You Arrive

If you plan to bring under $10,000 but more than your ATM will give you that may be an option.

Get Cash Back from the Walgreens or CVS on The Strip

You can get cash back using a debit card at Walgreens and CVS on the Las Vegas Strip. At Walgreens, you can receive up to $20 in cash back during a transaction. This service does not have an additional fee from Walgreens. If you need more than $20, most Walgreens stores also have an ATM​​ with lower fees than the casinos. At CVS, the process is similar. You can get up to $35 cash back from the register during your transaction. CVS does not charge a fee for this service, making it a convenient way to avoid ATM fees. Just like at Walgreens, you need to use a debit card for this service, and it has to be the physical card, not a digital wallet like Google Wallet or Apple Pay​​.

Planning on Gambling More than $10,000?

Contact the casino. Open a line of credit or wire them the money and they can get you markers, chips, or slot tickets to play with and you can settle up at the end.

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