Smoke-Free Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos

Smoke-Free Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos

Smoke-Free Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos

Totally Smoke-Free Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip

  1. Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas: An upscale, non-smoking hotel with easy access to Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, offering luxurious accommodations and views of the Strip.
  2. The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa: Located just off the Strip, this hotel offers non-smoking public areas and rooms, pet-friendly accommodations, and a cozy environment.
  3. Hilton Grand Vacations on Paradise (Convention Center): A strictly non-smoking property located within walking distance of the Strip and Las Vegas Convention Center, with a hefty fine for smoking in the rooms.
  4. Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas: A luxury, smoke-free hotel situated in the heart of the Strip, surrounded by major casinos but without a casino of its own.
  5. Marriott Vacation Club Grand Chateau: Offers 100% smoke-free rooms and condo-style villas just off the Vegas Strip, with no resort fees.
  6. Elara by Hilton Grand Vacations on The Las Vegas Strip: Another non-smoking Hilton property next to Circus Circus, featuring beautiful pool areas and a family-friendly atmosphere.
  7. Park MGM: Notably, Park MGM is a smoke-free hotel with its own casino, a rarity in Las Vegas​​​​.

Casinos with Smoke-Free Sections

  1. Bellagio Hotel & Casino: Bellagio provides designated smoking areas, but the casino is not entirely smoke-free. All hotel rooms are smoke-free, and fines are imposed for smoking in restricted areas.
  2. Mirage: At Mirage, customers can smoke at specified points, while the rest of the premise is predominantly smoke-free. This arrangement has been implemented to accommodate both smokers and non-smokers.
  3. MGM Grand: MGM Grand is semi-smoke-free, allowing smoking only in designated areas. A substantial fine is imposed for violating this rule.
  4. Planet Hollywood: This resort has designated a 450 Square meter room for smokers, while other areas of the casino remain smoke-free.
  5. Aria Resort and Casino: Aria offers smoke-free rooms and suites, with selected smoking zones within the resort.

Downtown Las Vegas Casino Smoke-Free Option

  1. Plaza Hotel & Casino: Plaza has recently added a smoke-free gaming space, making it a notable option for non-smoking gamblers in downtown Las Vegas. The new space is part of the Plaza’s Main Street Reimagination project and features the Brian Christopher Slots area, which is both smoke-free and social media friendly. This area provides an inviting atmosphere for players who prefer a smoke-free environment and wish to share their gaming experiences on social media.

Additional Noteworthy Smoke-Free Hotel

  1. Platinum Hotel & Spa: A stylish, boutique, completely non-smoking, and non-gaming property located just off-strip, ideal for families with spacious suites and various amenities​​.


General Advice for Non-Smokers

For non-smokers who are concerned about air quality, newer casinos or those with state-of-the-art HVAC systems, such as Circa on Fremont Street, Wynn/Encore, Venetian/Palazzo, and Caesars Palace, are recommended. These establishments have better ventilation and thus a "less smokey" environment. Additionally, less crowded casinos like Tropicana and Downtown Grand are typically clearer of smoke due to fewer people smoking in these areas.

The Push for Smoke-Free Environments

The move towards smoke-free casinos in Las Vegas is a growing trend, reflecting a wider societal shift towards non-smoking environments. This trend is not only in response to customer preferences but also in consideration of the health and safety of both patrons and staff.

To summarize, while smoking is still prevalent in many Las Vegas casinos, there are increasing options for non-smokers, including entire smoke-free establishments like Park MGM and NoMad Las Vegas, as well as casinos offering smoke-free sections or better ventilation systems. This shift towards accommodating non-smokers is indicative of Las Vegas' adaptability and commitment to catering to a diverse range of visitor preferences.

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