Your Guide to Tipping in Las Vegas

Your Guide to Tipping in Las Vegas

Your Guide to Tipping in Las Vegas

Service industry workers rely on tips as a significant part of their income. In many situations, especially in the United States, service workers are paid below the standard minimum wage with the expectation that tips will make up the difference. Tipping in Las Vegas is important to keep costs in line for the businesses while rewarding the workers who make your vacation memorable.

Taxi, Uber, Lyft Drivers

  • Suggested tip: 20% of the total bill.
  • Tip after the service is completed, give extra if they go out of their way, like making an extra stop​​.


  • Suggested tip: $1-$2 per drink minimum, 20% for complex drinks or larger tabs.
  • Tip with each drink if paying cash or when settling your tab.


  • Suggested tip: At least 20% of the total bill.
  • Tip when paying the bill. Adjust based on service quality and group size​​​​.


  • Suggested tip: $2-$3 per bag, more for heavy luggage.
  • Tip when they take and return with your bags​​​​.


  • Suggested tip: $5 per day or more, depending on room condition.
  • Tip daily to ensure the right person receives it​​​​. Leave cash on your nightstand, ideally with a nice note for them.


  • Suggested tip: $5 to $10 or split between drop-off and pickup.
  • Tip when they take and return your car​​​​.

Tour Guides

  • Suggested tip: $5-$20 per person, based on tour cost and experience.
  • Tip after the tour, adjusting for the value provided​​​​.

Casino Dealers

  • Suggested tip: $1 per hand or more if you’re winning a lot or feeling generous.
  • Tip during play or before leaving the table, using chips as currency​​​​. Simply slide them your chips you want to tip them with and say thank you!

Casino Floor Drink Servers

  • Suggested tip: $5 initially, then $2 per drink.
  • Tip with each drink delivery for continuous service​​.

Spa Staff

  • Suggested tip: 20% of the total bill, unless included in the bill.
  • Tip after receiving the service​​.

Street Performers

  • Suggested tip: $2-$5.
  • Tip based on enjoyment and interaction, avoiding high-pressure demands​​. There are “showgirls” known for asking for $20+ do not feel extorted, just keep walking if that’s not what you want to pay.

Casino Hosts

  • Tipping varies; non-cash gifts like wine or gift baskets may be appropriate.
  • Always ask the host what is acceptable, as some cannot accept tips​​.

Wine Sommelier

  • Suggested tip: 20% of wine cost.
  • Tip when paying the bill, unless gratuity is included​​. Often the overall tip is shared with the Sommelier so unless you want to give above and beyond an overall gratuity of 20% is appropriate.

Restroom Attendant

  • Suggested tip: $1-$5, especially if using extra amenities.
  • Tip after using their services​​.


  • Suggested tip: $2-$5 for quick services, more for complex requests.
  • Tip at the time of service, adjusting based on the effort and results​​.

VIP Hosts

  • Suggested tip: 10%-15% of the total bill, unless gratuity is included.
  • Tip when leaving, based on the quality of service​​.

Room Service

  • Suggested tip: 20% of the total bill, unless gratuity is included.
  • Tip when the food is delivered.


  • Tipping serves as a direct way for customers to express their satisfaction with the service they receive. It incentivizes workers to provide excellent service.
  • You may adjust tips based on service quality and personal discretion, however please remember folks live off these tips and the better conditions for workers the better experience tourists get to experience. If service was lacking, I recommend speaking to a manager and still tipping well as those tips are often pooled with other workers.
  • I thank you for your attention to this article and hope you have an amazing time in Las Vegas!
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